Through the power of education we can break the ongoing cycle of poverty.

Hope for the Nations supports a number of education-based programs, providing opportunity and a brighter future for children in need all over the globe.

This Christmas, consider a meaningful gift that can truly change the future.


  • 75 million children aged 3 to 18 live in countries facing war and violence and need educational support. (ODI Education)
  • Worldwide, there are still more than 150 million children ages 3 to 5 who do not have access to pre-primary education, including more than 80% of children in low-income countries. (GEM Report)
  • 420 million people would be lifted out of poverty with a secondary education, thus reducing the number of poor worldwide by more than half. (UIS/GEM REport)
  • A child whose mother can read is 50% more likely to live past the age of five, 50% more likely to be immunized, and twice as likely to attend school. (The Learning Generation)
  • Globally, 264 million children and adolescents do not have the opportunity to enter or complete school. (UNICEF)

Education is an opportunity in North America that is easily taken for granted. We see it as an accessible and natural part of our community. In many of the countries into which HOPE reaches, this isn’t the case. Education isn’t always available. Children are forced to grow up too quickly, they’re conscripted into armies, unable to attend school due to devastation or financial barriers, or become the victim of human trafficking.

BRIGHT is a fundraising initiative raising support specifically for education programs. It is our goal to provide a bright future, full of opportunity, for the children under our care, and within the regions and communities in which our agents around the world are working. By making a donation to BRIGHT, you’re not only giving the gift of education, you’re providing the opportunity for a brighter future.


Select a country to learn more about how you can give the gift of education to children in need this Christmas season.

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With different regions to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to make a decision as to where to lend your support. The ‘Bright Scholarship' is a multi-purpose educational-based fund that will be used as an ‘as needed' bursary for post-secondary educational projects and initiatives with Hope for the Nations.